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One Hour Express Flowers Delivery Services

Our Workshop located in Cheung Sha Wan, Castle Peak Road, deliver flowers everyday from 8:00am to 7:00pm, provide flowers delivery services in most areas in Kowloon, Hong Kong, no matter for anywhere, we can do it for you. delivery can be done in ONE hour for Kowloon area.

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Ocean Lady One Hygrangea in Blue color with Five Purple Color Calla Lily Bouquet. Want to send something special on her birthday ? Peoples always ..
HK$1,410.00 HK$1,340.00
Birthday Party
New -15 %
To Celebrate birthday party to your lovely wife, this colorful party bouquet include Hot pink, orange, lime and yellow larger blooms presented as a ha..
HK$1,340.00 HK$1,140.00
20 Stems Red Rose in Gift Box
-13 %
One Dozen Red Rose in Gift Box, beautifully arrange in a Grand Paper Box. * Color of Gift Box will subject for availability..
HK$858.00 HK$748.00
One Dozen Rainbow Roses in Vase
-41 %
One Dozen Colourful Rainbow Roses in Vase arrangement, Please order 3 working days in advance since it come from Holland..
HK$1,748.00 HK$1,040.00
One Dozen Golden Yellow Roses with many Holland Match Flowers and greenly beautifully wrapped in a pink and green paper..
HK$840.00 HK$780.00
50 Stems Mix Color Roses Bouquet with 25 Yellow Roses and 25 Champagne Color Roses..
HK$1,240.00 HK$1,180.00
18pcs Roses Bouquet with Purple Flowers for Fathers Day
-26 %
18pcs Roses Bouquet with Purple Color Match Flowers and Fillers Beautifully wrapped with Light Brown Color Papers..
HK$928.00 HK$689.00
30pcs Large Mixed Color Tulips Bouquet
-23 %
We proudly present our 30-piece Large Mixed Color Tulips arrangement in a vase, sourced directly from the tulip fields of Holland. Each week, we caref..
HK$1,310.00 HK$1,010.00
24 Long Stem premium Roses Presentation Box
-10 %
24 Long Stem premium Roses Presentation Box..
HK$1,010.00 HK$910.00
Purple Lover
-25 %
Perfect Match ! Purple Roses and Pink Carnations arrangement in Vase with a Purple Bow, total twelve flowers..
HK$1,010.00 HK$760.00
The Julianne
-27 %
One Dozen Red and Champagne Color Rose Bouquet beauitfully wrapped with seasonal flowers..
HK$910.00 HK$660.00
The Pretty Pink Rose Bouquet
-13 %
The Pretty Pink Rose Bouquet with 30 pink color rose and eucalyptus beautifully arrange in a large bouquet, good for wedding anniversary and Birthday..
HK$1,160.00 HK$1,010.00
Warmest Love
New -7 %
One Dozen Champagne Color Rose Bouquet Ch